Why Paradigm Speech and Debate Club? 

Learning how to seek, share and live effectively the Truth.

Paradigm Speech and Debate Club is a parent-led and parent-instructed organization, with assistance from Paradigm alumni for routine coaching in debate and limited areas of speech. The philosophy of this club is to instill in the students the strengths of the family as the primary working model for the education and socialization of students, the gaining of practical application of Biblical principles in a competitive format, and for the inculcation of American values. Paradigm has had many successes in the national home-school debate league over the past ten years. Students range from 12 years of age to seniors in high school. The club emphasizes Lincoln-Douglas debate, policy debate, platform-speaking events, limited-preparation speaking events, apologetics, and interpretive- speaking events. These activities have been extremely useful in fostering the skills of technical research, logical thinking, critical analysis, expository writing, and public speaking.

We are equipping our youth for things that matter

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